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How to create CombinedOutput Stadium LED with Scoreboard - Videnbase / Combined Output - Sport In The Box Support

How to create CombinedOutput Stadium LED with Scoreboard


This example will create a stadium LED screen with two modes. Screen size is 1280X720PX with a frame rate of 60 fps.


Schematically, it will look like:




 And with video:





Match mode with a CombinedOutput that has following parts: live video, scoreboard, small ads and banner.






Go to the settings and select Main ScreenController and change fps to 60. Same fps will be used for all ScreenController.

For less dynamic content, consider changing fps to 30. For better performance, use fps that can be divided without rest, like: 60, 30, 10.


For the purpose of tutorial, change background color. For production, select black or transparent.

Press background color drop-down and select Custom color.

Select background color from list below and any other that matches your needs.

Press Add button and create ScreenControllers with data from list below.

ScreenController Description color
Live 1280x720 @60, camera and introduction videos. red
Scoreboard 144x280 @60, scoreboard with points. green
Ticker 640x40 @60, long line with ads. blue
Small ads 144x86 @60, small area with ads. orange

Files, played on screen should generally match format with the ScreenController format.


Add template packs from web by pressing the cloud button.

Scoreboard pack is for showing graphics in full screen. TV packs are for overlay graphics. Import both packs.

After the import is complete, template list should look like that:


Add files to ScreenController

Add files to Live, ticker and small ads screens. Try to match size and fps of the files to ScreenController.


Configure QuickButtons to show templates.

Edit Scoreboard button with right mouse button menu and make it Show template on Main layer of the Scoreboard screen.
Select template SCB Results.

Press Start clock button for countdown to start.

In case the Timer panel doesn't look like one above, press the Edit timer button and select console Internal clock.


Configure CombinedOutput

Go back to the settings and select Combined output.

Enable CombinedOutput and select 720 50p. Format of the output should match the size of a LED screen.

All sizes are recalculated when the canvas format is changed, so video format should be set first.

Create views and layer

Press Add new element button and add new element for each source.
Name elements by clicking on element name and name elements: main, scoreboard, banner.

Switch to the scenes and press Add scene button to add two scenes.

Name scenes Match mode, full video mode and black.


Change elements

Each element is created on each scene, but values can be different.

At this point, there should be three elements that looks exactly the same.

Element values can be changed either in elements grid or in property editor.

Match mode

Select match mode and set value to


Name Source x y width height Visible
Live video Live 0 0 496 280 true
Small ads Small Ads 496 194 144 86 true
Scoreboard Scoreboard 496 0 144 280 true
Ticker Ticker 0 280 640 40 true


Full video mode

Select full-screen mode and set values to

Name Source x y width height Visible
Live video Live 0 0 640 320 true
Small ads Small Ads 0 0 640 320 false
Scoreboard Scoreboard 496 0 144 280 false
Ticker Ticker 0 280 640 40 false

At full-screen, only main element is visible, help mixer by changing visible to false for elements that are not shown.



Select black mode and set values to

Take any sizes and make everything hidden.
Note that animation happens from current state to new values and some animations may look strange.


Name Source x y width height Visible
Live video Live 0 0 640 320 false
Small ads Small Ads 0 0 640 320 false
Scoreboard Scoreboard 0 0 640 280 false
Ticker Ticker 0 0 640 40 false


Result, without content added, should look like that:



Create VideoWindow

Go to the VideoWindows settings and add windows with CombinedOutput as source.
Make window size to match CombinedOutput and hide borders.

Name if LED screen


Configure QuickButtons

Generally, scenes are changed together with to content and QuickButton will even start playlists and show graphics.

Press Add QuickButton and add button for each scene.

Change scene and make QuickButton to start playlist.

Change main preview source to CombinedOutput with the right mouse button menu.

Result should look like that.


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