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How to show visitors counter using the CG editor? - Videnbase / Common questions - Sport In The Box Support

How to show visitors counter using the CG editor?


With the new CG editor you can create your own graphics template by mixing images, videos and text fields.
Text fields can be made dynamic, which means that you can change these texts for each item in the playlist.

Here we will show you an example of hot to make a template to show the audience count during the game.


1. Background image.

2. Sponsor logotype.

Step 1: Create new template in Sport In The Box

  1. Open settings menu and select the tab Graphic templates.
  2. Add new CG template with the Add template button:
  3. New template will be added and shown in the right panel.
  4. Give the template a name so you easily can find it later when you will add it to a playlist.
  5. Open CG Editor.
  6. New template will be create with color-bars  as background. Actual background will be transparent.
  7. Add a new image object by pressing the Image button in the Add new item Ribbon category.
  8. An open image dialog will be shown where you can select the image file you want to add.
  9. Image will be placed on the canvas area and you can now resize and position the image with the image settings in the ribbon area.
  10. Add logotype using the same button. Resize image using the red borders with the mouse and move it to the desired place.
  11. Add two text fields by pressing the Text button in the Add new item ribbon category.
  12. In the text properties ribbon page, set the text, font and size that the text should have.
    They can also be moved and scaled by using the mouse.
  13. You can also add effects like blur and shadow to the text fields.
  14. Add another text field, and on this text field, turn on the property Dynamic data.
  15. By pressing on the text-ID button you can change the dynamic text fields name.This name will be the label for the text field shown in the editor later on in the playlist.
  16. Make the template look something like this:

Step 2: Add template to a playlist

To be able to show the templates you need to add them to a playlist.

  1. Do this by pressing the add new template buttin the Add content button group.
  2. Select the template you want to use in the Template drop-down.
  3. Name field is populated automatically with the template name, you can change it now.
  4. If the template has dynamic text fields, these will be shown in the grid below where you now can change the text in this dynamic text field.
  5. Save the item, and now you can double-click on the playlist item to show the template.

Step 3: Edit Dynamic text fields for a specific playlist item

If you want to change the dynamic text in a template, you just press the pencil button in the right of the playlist item in the playlist and the same editor as above is shown where you can change the text.

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