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okt. 5 2023

Sport In The Box 2 Installer v2.17


We're happy to announce the release of Sport In The Box version 2.17.8678.16662

  • Add v2 control to Australian football

  • Add next match button to NetBall

  • Create futsal sport interface v2.

  • Add name and team presentation for Rugby

  • Add name presentation and team presentation to American football.

  • Bugfixes for tennis.

  • Add table tennis control

  • Add badminton control.

Included changes from version 2.16.8649.20948

This is a major update, here are some of the improvements made:

Screen controller

  • Add option to start ScreenController as virtual device.

  • Fixed bugs in playlist sorting on drag and drop.

  • Fixed bug with changing scaling from custom to keep aspect ratio.


  • Major update of QuickButtons with QuickButton page functionality (note that API has changed).

  • New page is now shown behind sport controller as tab by default (old style can be changed in general settings)

  • Button. group and page colours are now used in the SIB interface. It was used for API only in previous releases.

  • Improved drag and drop between different elements.


  • Fixed bug with replay not always saved.

Video inputs

  • Add option to general settings to disable video input restore timer (new devices won’t be discovered and existing devices won’t be reconnected at runtime).

Video windows

  • Fixed window reposition bug.

  • Fixed bug with borders

  • Other fixes.

  • Add preview buffer settings.


  • Each html layer has now own cache and (login details are saved between sessions).

  • Each html layer has own debug port, port starts with 9999 and is increased by one.

  • There is now possibility to override template settings from pack settings.

  • Fixed bug with templates not cleared when switching between template types.

  • Add HTML option for delayed / forced load in ScreenController settings.

Combined output

  • Fix hang when changing border.


  • Added short team name to teams grid.


  • After installing new version, backup of database is created at first run and saved with old version number and date of backup in Backup folder.

  • Backup of database list on start form is saved in Backup folder in SIB folder in My documents.

  • Update of internal SDK.

Bug fixes

  • Bug when with hang on “Loading interface“

  • Bug when html preview stopped working after a while

  • Bug with image duration.

  • Bug when error message was shown when auto-starting database

  • Bug when network QuickButtons were not shown.

  • Bug fix for cg data updates.

  • Bug with transparent files not being transparent.


GPU-decoding is now enabled by default in general settings. May not work well for old GPU’s.

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