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Basketball Scoreboard - Settings overview

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Basket scoreboard template pack includes the following templates:

✨ Countdown template to match start.

✨ Lineup template to show all players in the team.

✨ Name presentation for introducing individual players.

✨ Next Home Game for showing which teams are meeting in the next game.

✨ Other Matches shows score and teams of other matches.

✨ Referees presents the referees of the current game.

✨ Results shows current scoreboard.

Template details and settings

All templates share some settings that works the same way.

En bild som visar text, skärmbild, linje, nummer

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning

⚙️ General styling

  • Set background styling. Option between using a solid background color, transparent to use as overlay or a custom background image.

  • Additional option to use Home Team logo as background logo.

  • All texts colors can be customized!

  • All templates that show the teams can also active showing team colors, which shows as a bar in the bottom of the template.

✨ Countdown

Countdown template shows a countdown to match start with team logos and name.

⚙️ Countdown settings

  • Set labels for expired countdown as well as label for days.

✨ Lineup

Lineup shows all the players in the chosen team, possible to show up to 22 players.

⚙️ Lineup settings

  • Set name styling, display full name, only last name or first letter of first name in combo with full last name

  • Enable only showing ‘only playing’ players, instead of showing all players.

✨ Name presentation

Name presentation shows an individual player. The template can be used with the name presentation buttons in Sport in the Box, to show name, goal, foul or free throw.

⚙️ Name presentation settings

  • Set all labels for goal, foul and free throw.

✨ Next Home Game

Next Home Game template shows the date and time of the next home game with team logos and names.

⚙️ Next Home Game settings

  • Adjust time and date format.

✨ Other Matches

Show results of up to 8 other matches.

⚙️ Other Matches settings

  • Set the title of the template.

✨ Referees

Shows all the referees of the game with customizable labels.

⚙️ Referees settings

  • Set name styling, display full name, only last name or first letter of first name in combo with full last name.

  • Set labels for up to 4 referees.

  • Possible to enable using a whistle image as background.

✨ Results

Results template shows the current game, with scores, team names, game time, period, timeouts, shotclock, team fouls and the status of the game.

⚙️ Results settings

  • Settings for all labels: Quarters,  pause, timeout and end of match text.

The template pack contains 4 different Results templates:

🏀 Level 1 16:9

  • Shows player points and fouls with player last name.

🏀 Level 1 with video 8:3

  • Similar to level 1 16:9, but has space to show a video.

🏀 Level 2 16:9

  • Shows player points and fouls with only player number.

🏀 Level 2 with video 16:9

  • Same as Level 2 16:9, but with space to show a video.

✨ Shotclock

Template showing only shotclock and game time

⚙️ Shotclock settings

·         Option to disable light strips around the shotclock.

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