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How data is routed to template - Knowledgebase / Common questions - Sport In The Box Support

How data is routed to template

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Template structure

Template consists of three main parts;

  • information (name, description, resolution)

  • settings fields (background, colors, labels)

  • data fields (initial data and how it is shown)


Each property type has groups and template fields.

Show template via QuickButton from left panel


Show template


Data is passed to template as it is.


Add template to playlist or play via QuickButton at left panel

Play template via QuickButton


Play template in playlist

playlist_namepres.pngWhen added to playlist, data fields from template in playlist override data fields, provided by settings.

Those are local and doesn't replace original settings.


Main difference is that adding template in playlist allows to specify duration and switch to next file in playlist.

Game data

Gama data is everything from the current game, like selected player, scores and clock.

Game data is sent when pressing the button in the sport panel.

btn_namepres_sport.pngIn the case of name presentation, player name and team.

team_data.pngGame data replaces data fields from template (including data in playlist).


The main difference is that game data is only sent from the current sport controller.

Data will not be sent when showing template from the QuickButton panel at the left.

However, instead of showing template, QuickButton at the sport can be selected.


In that case, SIB goes and make a press on the button in the sport controller and game data will be applied.

Network data

Network data is sent from other SIB instance, added as network computer in settings.


Same logic is applied when sending data over the network.

From QuickButton panel

Not data is not sent when showing template from the left panel.


This option will work for templates with local data only. Local data can still be dynamic (template can read XML or make HTTP requests).


From sport panel


Data is sent when showing template from the sport controller and sent as a parameter via network to the computer with the template.


Same thing happens when selecting QuickButton as action.



Some templates do not rely on current data and push updates via WebSocket directly to the template.

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