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How to create a debug log for SIB - Knowledgebase / Common questions - Sport In The Box Support

How to create a debug log for SIB

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When there are problems that we can’t resolve based on description or support team is unable to reproduce it on our side, we often ask you for a debug log.

Files to attach

We are, most likely will ask you to attach log files from Documents folder in %userprofile%\Documents\IC Control Media Sport\SITB2

Files are called mainlog with different numbers.

Take all of those.

Is is normal that those exists are not empty.

When program hangs

When program hangs, actions must be taken while problem is still there. Don’t close the program.

Download ProcessExplorer from

Open downloaded file and run procexp64.exe.


Find Sport In The Box 2.exe in list and create crash dumps. Create both mini and full dumps.

Save dumps in C:\SIB\CrashDumps.

When program crashes

Go to the folder C:\SIB\CrashDumps.

There may be a few of dump files, take the latest two or three.

Report bug

Upload DUMP files to file share like or OneDrive.

Create new ticket at and attach mainlog and link to the uploaded DUMP files.

Give us a clue of who you are by including license and installation name.

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