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How to create stinger transition

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Stingers are a type of video transition which combine a transparent video animation into a full-screen overlay using a timed point transition.

In Sport In The Box, stinger transitions are shown as separate layer above all other layers and is shared. Transition is always show in full screen.

To create new stinger transition, go the settings and select transitions.


After that, transitions are show for playlist items in transitions list.

Press Add button and select transition file.


Transition file should have transparency at start and end (webm, mov, etc.) files.

Next step is to set transition point, move slider to select place, that is not transparent.



By default, transition point is set to the file end. This should, generally, be adjusted.

Transition point is set either by changing numeric value, or by pressing set point. Current point is shown as a yellow line below preview slider.

Dragging the preview slider will not change transition point.

If there are no transitions, stinger node in playlist transition is empty.
When stinger transition is deleted, all items with deleted transition, will change transition to one specified in ScreenController settings.

Go to the playlist and add two files, change transition to stinger for the first file


Start file, let it play for a few seconds and start file with transition.



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