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How to use replays

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To demonstrate the features, we are going to use a file with time code embedded and add it to the playlist with loop enabled. Start file.


To simulate a video source, go to the settings, select Video outputs and add Main ScreenController as source.

Change video format to 720@50p.


Add video input

Go to the settings, select Video inputs. Press the Add button to add new source.

In the sources list, select NDI Receiver with line-in from previous step.


Press on Replay group header to enable replay. Double-click on group header to show options without enabling.


Compared with the ScreenController preview, current object is now delayed with 20s.


Close settings.

Add QuickButton to save replay

On the left panel, press Add icon to add new QuickButton to the panel.

Press the right mouse button and open the editor menu.


Select the current source under the Video inputs node.


Choose Save replay as action.

Customize additional properties, those are taken from setting by default.


Add to playlist - recorder file will be added to the playlist.

Save replay to - location for replay files.

Transition type - transition in playlist, save as in file settings.

Playback rate - same as in file settings, doesn't actually change the replay file.

Make replay

Press the button to start recording the replay.


Each replay will report and remaining time in the status bar.


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