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Sport In The Box 2 Changelog

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2021-06-21 v2.10.7842.20936

Screen controller

  • Network streams (like YouTube and network cameras) can now be added to the playlist.
  • Added option to hide main and file previews of ScreenController in setting and right mouse button menu.
  • Playlist editors now have End Of File (EOF) event button. Works similar to start file event, but fires when the file ends. Not that event will only fire when file ends naturally. Event will not fire when pressing stop button or manually starting another file.
  • Web pages and templates in playlist now have scaling options (advanced file) .
  • Video objects (cameras) now have same scaling options as file (don't need to be full-screen).


  • QuickButton. Show item: now possible to add files to add file without adding it to playlist.
  • Added possibility to  play player image (large image is used), video and sponsor image without ading to playlist. Those will be played on top of every other layer.
  • Added background colour to QuickButton, used by apps only.
  • Added background colour and icon to QuickButton group, used by apps only.
  • Added External triggers to QuickButton. QB will make GET or POST query to external url when pressed.
  • "Transparent background" was added to Video Output settings.  Only use with keying. Performance optimization.


  • Player settings (for V2 controls), added editors for player video and sponsor image.
  • New sport controls can be activated in settings - sport part. For handball, basket, floorball, ice hockey.
  • Released football sport data api.
  • Added competition session schedule to WinGrodan2 user defined buttons.
  • Fixes in console data parsing.

Other changes

  • CG editor now shows available texts from sib.
  • Added REST api for web apps to save data in current sib database.
  • Updated Rest API documentation.
  • Transitions between playlist items are disabled at the moment.
  • Minor fixes for BlackMagic devices and 4K support.

2021-02-23 v2.9.7723.26081

  • ScreenController file preview now has own right mouse button menu and options in ScreenController settings. Now possible to preview live sources in it.
  • Secondary ScreenControllers now has window position properties in ScreenController settings. Windows position will be saved when SC window is moved and restored at next start. Options are not visible for Main ScreenController.
  • Start form: last used time is now shown instead of file path. File path is still visible in database management.
  • Football: next home match settings and button.
  • Fixed in consoles and protocols.
  • Small bug fixes.

2020-11-12  v2.9

  • HTML  templates and template packs.
  • Major update of playback component.
  • Redesign of editors.
  • ScreenController can now show logotype overlay (branding).
  • ScreenController layers can now be disabled if not used.
  • Changes to network component and REST API for external systems.
  • New sports and redesign of existing sports.
  • SIB can now stream video source to RTMP server (like YouTube).
  • SIb can now record video source to file on disc (recording).
  • Improved CG editor.
  • Scheduler.  QuickButton can now be Scheduler to start at specific time and days.
  • Database password for users.
  • Added sport control for track and field athletics using OSV Galactica/RTD and Hytek Track and field.
  • Added support for Quantum SIB protocol in swimming.
  • The license is now saved for all Window-users on the computer, not just for the user that activated the license. 
  • The license will also no longer become invalid if you change the computer name. Because of this change old licenses will have to be activated again. Please contact your supplier if you have a problem with activating the license again.
  • Multiple bugfixes in different sport controllers.

Note that Adobe Flash Player will reach End of Life December 31, 2020 and templates that are using it will stop working.

2020-02-11  v2.8

  • New database enginge (old databases need to be converted)
  • Video windows, select any source to show on any number of video windows and select and position on any screen
  • Video inputs updated, now possible to do replay and set transition and playbackrate from quickbutton
  • Combined output, much simplier setup of views and elements, now possible to animate between views
  • General settings: Auto-start events, select which quickbuttons that should be activated 10s after start of the program
  • General settings: GPU Rendering mode, if supported by the GPU (nvidia driver ver >19) much of the rendering process of each video object will be loaded on the GPU which will save on CPU power

Changes made in update v2.8.7361.19471 (2020-02-27):

  • It is now possible to import template packs that is not connected to a specific sport (multisport templates)
  • Fixed bug in SwissTiming Alpha control where the serial port was not using the custom serial port settings
  • Fixed bug in swimming settings where serial ports where displayed twice in the drop down box

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