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Tennis Scoreboard - Settings overview

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Tennis Scoreboard template pack includes the following templates:

✨ Name presentation for introducing individual players.

✨ Results shows current scoreboard.

Template details and settings

All templates share some settings that works the same way.


⚙️ General styling

  • Set background styling. Option between using a transparent background to use template as overlay. Can also be combined with showing background image.

  • Use a custom image as background, either a fullscreen image (1920x1080px) or a blurred logo. In sample images the blurred background logo is used. Which image should be used is set in “Background image”, regardless if it is the fullscreen or blurred version.

  • All texts colors can be customized!

✨ Name presentation

Name presentation shows an individual player. The template can be used with the name presentation buttons in Sport in the Box.

✨ Results

Results template shows the current game, with scores, player names, logos or nationality, game clock and custom game title.

⚙️ Results settings

  • Set text for game title.

  • Show or hide game clock

  • Set styling for club/nation display. Chose between showing logo, nation, both or none. Nation and Logo are both added in Sport in the Box.

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