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Feb 14 2023

Sport In The Box 2 Installer v2.15

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We're happy to announce the release of Sport In The Box version 2.15.8445.17683

This is a major update, here are some of the improvements made:

Screen controller

  • Layer names has changed, now they are named Main, Top, Background to more clearly indicate which layer is where.
  • Copy and paste playlists and items,


  • Icon picker, remove collections.
  • Default background for QB and QB groups is now dark red.
  • Trigger QuickButton from other QuickButton.

Graphics editor

  • Minor redesign of dynamic data in Text.
  • Text has now daytime properties to show current date and time with custom format.

Video windows

  • Color temperature correction.

Video inputs

  • Initial release of key/fill functionality.
  • Color temperature correction.
  • External audio for video inputs.

Video outputs

  • Possibility to set transparent background.
  • Color corrections.


  • Updated template wizard when adding templates from file.
  • New wizard to download templates from template online server.
  • More Text and Ticker options for dynamic data for graphic templates.
  • Added template data to network computer templates.

Combined output

  • Background colour picker in custom colours menu. Can now select ARGB background.
  • Live preview for video.
  • Updated design.
  • Rotations of video source.

Stinger transitions


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