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How to create simple animation with Combined output - Kunskapsbas / Combined Output - Sport In The Box Support

How to create simple animation with Combined output


How to create simple animation with Combined output



This KB explains how to create a simple animation of one source with CombinedOutput.


Create empty database with desired sport and add one or more video files to playlist.


Make file loop and start playlist.

Configure CombinedOutput

Go to the settings menu and select CombinedOutput (license restrictions may apply).



By default, combined output is disabled, enable it and leave video format as it is.

For demonstration purpose, write *blue* in background color.


Create views and layer

CombinedOutput is mostly used to compose and animate different elements like ScreenController.

For simple composition of up to three elements show at the same time, ScreenController with three layers may be enough.

Create element by pressing add button. Element name can be changed by clicking on it's name and typing.


Each element will exist on all new scenes and can be customized individually.

Go to the scenes


And add two scenes


name those new view left and new view right or any other name.

Change transition time by clicking in cell and typing or using the numeric editor inside the cell.

Active scene is changed with the transition time by clicking on it.

In the runtime, scene is usually changed with QuickButton.

Try changing scene and look at the property editor. It should look like that:



Change the source of both layers to Main.

When the source is changed, width and height is changed to the source values.

At this point, both elements should show file playing at full screen.

Change elements

Change element values by editing those either in property panel or by clicking on layer cell, mouse scroll also works.

Left scene

Change _width_ and _height_ of left source to 640 and 360.


Right scene

Change _width_ and _height_ of left source to 640 and 360. Change _x_ to 640.


Press scene names and adjust animation time if needed.


Configure quickButtons

Close settings and create two QuickButtons


Edit buttons to activate left or right scene.


Press right mouse button on main preview area and select Combined Output as preview source.


Press QuickButtons to change the current scene and perform the animation.


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