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How to get Multiple Layers with Graphcis on a Output? - Kunskapsbas / Common questions - Sport In The Box Support

How to get Multiple Layers with Graphcis on a Output?


As some of you have noticed in the current version it is only possible to run 1 Layer of Graphics even if you put say a Fullscreen Gameclock in the background layer and a Overlay Namepress in Layer 1 they will cancel each other out.

One way of making this possible is to add a new screen controller and mix them together using Combined Outputs.

Here is how it is setup in a real user case senario where the user use the system as one ouput to a LED Scoreboard and always want to display the game clock but also want to be able to show a Fullscreen namepresentation:

I have created One Extra Screen controller for the Overlay the game clock:

Then removed theextra layer to minimize load of the SC on the system:

 Then on The Overlay Button put that to control the second Screen controller.

 Then activated Combined output that’s where you mix multiple of screencontroller and can animate between them.
 Added two scens there.

For the Scene without the extra layer i asked the extra SC to be hidden:

 Added two buttons to mix between the two scenes.
 Please note that this can be made with the SCB buttons if you want to mix between them at say a player press as well.

Cange source of the standard video output to get data from Main SC to Combined Output

Remove soudn out on that Screen controller and add it on a separate SC. This optimizes the sound and mimizes issues of sound lagging.

 Also changed the Main Preview Screen to show combined output and not the local screencontroller as a standard:

And then it looks like this:

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