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How to tile with CombinedOutput - Kunskapsbas / Combined Output - Sport In The Box Support

How to tile with CombinedOutput


LED screens are usually visible in Windows as regular monitors and have resolution like 800 x 600px.


The picture from video above is 3200 x 96px and represents a pre-manufactured content where each ICC logo can be a different vendor.

It can be scaled with the CombinedOutput, but other way is to scale it with the VideoWindow.


Configure ScreenController

Got to the ScreenController settings and change vide format to Custom at  3.200 x 96  at 50fps,
For the purpose of the tutorial, change background to white or color bars. 


Add files

Go to the playlist and add file with the format of 3200 x 96px and loop it using the right mouse button menu.


Start playback.

Configure CombinedOutput

Go back to the settings and select Combined output.

Enable CombinedOutput and set width to 800 and height to 600 pixels.
Format of the output should match the size of LED screen.

All sizes are recalculated when the canvas format is changed, so video format should be set first.


Create views and layer



Press Add new element button and add new element for _ScreenController_.

Name elements by clicking on element name and name elements: Element 1, Element 2, Element 3 and Element 4.

Set source to Main screen, width and crop width to 800 (same as CombinedOutput format width). Height should already be filled to 96.

For the purpose of tutorial, set border to 4 and border color to red.

Element values can be changed either by typing inside the layer table


or using the editor


Switch to the scenes and press Add scene button once.


Press the clone button and create copies of current element, those will get the same source and be placed below current element.


Element name can be changed by clicking on selected element again and typing.


Change values to match the table:

Name X Y Width Height Start X Start Y Crop width Crop height border color
Element 1 0 0 800 96 0 0 800 96 red
Element 2 0 96 800 96 800 0 800 96 yellow
Element 3 0 192 800 96 1600 0 800 96 green
Element 4 0 288 800 96 2400 0 800 96 blue



Configure VideoWindows

Go to the VideoWindow settings and press add button to create new video window.
Window position can be changed either by changing values in settings or moving selected window.


Create first VideoWindow and set the source to the CombinedOutput


Width and height should be set to 800x600, x and y is position on the screen.

Output window should now show something like that:





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