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Feb 11 2020

Sport In The Box v2.8 Release

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We're happy to announce the relase of Sport In The Box version 2.8

This is a major update, here are some of the improvments made:

  • New database enginge (old databases need to be converted)
  • Video windows, select any source to show on any number of video windows and select and position on any screen
  • Video inputs updated, now possible to do replay and set transition and playbackrate from quickbutton
  • Combined output, much simplier setup of views and elements, now possible to animate between views
  • General settings: Auto-start events, select which quickbuttons that should be activated 10s after start of the program
  • General settings: GPU Rendering mode, if supported by the GPU (nvidia driver ver >19) much of the rendering process of each video object will be loaded on the GPU which will save on CPU power

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